biobased economy

A biobased economy can be described as follows:


"Technological innovations that facilitate a significant replacement of fossil fuels by biomass in the production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, materials, transportation fuels, electricity and heat."


Traditional agriculture is globally under pressure. Also in the western Delta. This also marks the western Delta. Therefore stakeholders, such as agriculture, government bodies, petrochemical industry and municipalities joined forces. The central question is if the emerging biobased economy can lead to an international competitive postition?


The Southwest Delta is the largest delta of Europe. The presence of both biological resources (agriculture and horticulture) and the chemical process industry and a good cooperation between both industry gives the region a leading role at the European scale in this area. Throught this position the region can create new opportunities for further development and investment opportunities.


The preconditions for this new economic development and the resulting spartial consequences are a result of the study BioBased Backbone. The researchers also explored the opportunities for a circular economy, with existing production clusters work together more closely. By giving stakeholders a more important role they can contribute to a comprehensive development vision for the Southwest Delta.


 The following video explains why the transition is important for south-west Netherlands. This area is also known as the Biobased Delta.