Living lab biobased brazil

In 2014, Dutch and Brazilian partners joined forces in the so-called Living Lab Biobased Brazil. This consortium consists of universities, companies and governments from both countries. The focus region in Brazil is the state of Minas Gerais. The purpose of the Living Lab is to further internationalize higher education in both countries. By globalization and an alternative approach to natural resources, the human capital agenda is in motion. This changing human capital agenda refers another level of education of new professionals. Living Lab wants to contribute to this changing human capital agenda by to improve student and professor mobility, stimulate innovation developments through joint education and applied research programs and developing other projects. All this with a focus on the biobased economy in the Netherlands and in Brazil (Minas Gerais).

The Living Lab focusses on four main themes regarding biobased internships and biobased applied research projects:


             Water Technology                                      Agro & Food                                     Green Chemistry                                Sustainable Environment           


An internship abroad is an adventure as you will go to a foreign country with a different culture, a new environment and new people. Therefore Living lab provides free assistance in arranging your internship in the Netherlands or Brazil (incl. accommodation). Annually, students go for their internship or graduation abroad. The internship and graduation projects that we organize in the area of sustainability fit perfectly in the level of education in both countries and provide a challenge for all students who want to intern abroad!

Are you studying Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Water Management, Agribusiness or a related study at a partner university, click here for current internships and graduation internship assignments. Are you interested in the blogs and impressions of Living Lab students click here.


Do you see opportunities in the Netherlands and/or Brazil? Do you already operate in one of the two countries? Then you may have to do with a recalcitrant foreign market: trade barriers, no input to decision makers, a lack of knowledge among partners and customers or adverse local legislation. Partnering with the Living Lab (incl. access to both governments) can help to solve these issues.


When you are looking for specific knowledge, the partner universities can support you. This can be done by a student project or by an applied research project. You can hire a student to perform an accessible study for your organization. For more complex issues, you can close a covenant with knowledge institutions and governments, which results in a project to do applied research. For examples of student project and applied research project please click here.


The world is changing rapidly, the labor market is becoming more international and therefore we have to adapt our students and research to the needs of today. The Living Lab offers a helping hand too knowledge institutions that are keen to work together on educational development and research development with partners in the Netherlands and Brazil. For examples of these developments please click here.


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