Biobased Battle 2016

After the successful first edition Avans and UFMG organized the second edition of the Biobased Battle. The coffee industry was the appointed industry in this edition. 20 Dutch students and 20 Brazilian students worked together in teams of four people. The students came from different studies, such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Law and Economics and Management.


Considering the Brazilian market, the coffee production in the state of Minas Gerais is representative. With more than one million hectares planted, Minas Gerais produces more than 50% of the Brazilian coffee crop. The main export commodity in Minas Gerais agribusines and, coffee is sold to over 60 countries worldwide. Also, all the Brazilian coffee exportation to the Netherlands was from Minas Gerais in 2014. And finally, the Netherlands is the main country in Europe that traded coffee with Minas Gerais (imports and exports) in 2014. 


Furthermore, Brazil accounted for 15% of total coffee’s imports to the Netherlands in 2014, the biggest share when compared with other developing countries. The Netherlands is the eight-largest importer of green coffee in Europe, accounting for nearly 4% of all imports.  In 2014, Dutch imports of green coffee beans amounted to a total volume of 132 thousand tonnes (€328 million). The environmental impact of the industry in both countries is high and therefore interesting to work with.


Do you want to know more about the Biobased Battle concept? Please click here.


The week was made possible by the Dutch Embassy in Brazil.

Dutch part of the winners together with the Dutch jury.


This year the challenge is related to the coffee industry, mainly regarding the residues produced in the farms. Considering this, the guideline to the challenge is:


"How to optimize the coffee beans processing through treatment and reuse of wastes generated in the farms?"


The result of the week is 10 applicable solutions for the research question.


The international jury assessed each solution on the criteria suitability to the challenge, innovation degree, market potential, environmental impact, feasibility and presentation.


Are you interested in the solutions? Contact the Living Lab via this link.


The winner of the week was group 8. 

  • Thijs van der Wiel (Environmental Engineering)
  • Rafa Peris (Entrepreneurship)
  • Stijn van Hout (SME Business Management)
  • Carolina de Carvalho Rettore (Chemical Engineering)
  • Gabriel Tadeu Jacintho (Technological Chemistry)



Here you can download the presentation of the winning Biobased Battle 2016. Living Lab partners are investigating whether we can work out the ideas in a project.

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