biobased mooc

An economy that revolves around biomass as a raw material. Many people believe this is the future. Anyone can learn free of charge how this future can be brought about by following the online open courses offered by the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE).


The Centre is a collaboration between Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences. The CoE BBE will be organising and running Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) at higher professional education level in the Netherlands. The topics will include biorefinery, nutrients, biopolymers, bioenergy, the relationship with global environmental problems, various social and economic factors that influence the transition, and Corporate Social Responsibility. These MOOC's are open to all, and may be of particular interest to higher professional education students, lecturers and professionals. The course is in English, but with Dutch Transcripts.


The courses consists of online lectures by lecturers and professors, exercises, presentations by interesting guest speakers and discussions. Biobased activities by companies from the regions of Brabant, Zeeland and South Holland will be explored in a series of practice-based film clips. The participants' collective brainpower will also be combined with targeted group assignments. 


The biobased economy is a prime focus in the economic development of several provinces in the Netherlands. It plays a leading part in the sustainable development of the Netherlands, and is a joint task for the government, the business sector and knowledge institutions. 


Participation in these MOOC's are free of charge. More information can be found on the website of the CoE BBE.