Globalization is one of the major drivers of internationalization in higher education. Due to the globalization the labor market is becoming more international and therefore we have to adapt our students and research to the needs of today.


Via the Living Lab Dutch and Brazilian universities (of applied sciences) can develop (biobased) educational developments and (biobased) research developments with partners in the Netherlands and Brazil, this apart from the regular student mobility program. We mean by educational developments: curriculum building, minors development, special education programs such as Biobased Battle and Biobased MOOCs and the development of English-language education programs. Applied research also plays a major role in the internationalization of higher education. In collaboration with government bodies and companies, universities distinguish it selves internationally as an international knowledge partner for applied research issues. 


Click here for examples of educational development such as Biobased Battle (in collaboration with government and companies partners) and Biobased MOOC (online education).




Staff mobility also provides comprehensive internationalization of higher education. The Living Lab provides support to teachers and professors from the partner institutions who wish to give a biobased lecture in the Netherlands or Brazil. The Living Lab also helps to share international (biobased) minors or (biobased) curricula with Dutch and Brazilian partners. This ensures that the class is filled with international students from the Netherlands and Brazil. When you want to share with minors either country please contact us via this link.