THE PRIVATE SECTOR and the Living lab

Brazil is one of the 10 largest economies in the world. Blessed with favorable demographics, rich natural resources and a stable banking sector, positive economic conditions develop positively in Brazil. The country has adequate basic amenities such as water, energy, food and minerals, but also a certainly  large volume of biomass! Especially agribusiness, mining and service sectors are well developed. The (green) energy sector plays an increasingly important role. The Brazilian economy grew over a period of 10 years above average compared to the global economy. In the past two years this growth decreased. Yet Brazil is still an important player in the global market.


The Netherlands have since the seventeenth century business relations with Brazil and is one of the main investors. The historical link with the Netherlands may have many advantages for the biobased economy. The Dutch Economic Network is also affiliated with the Living Lab via the local Dutch Business Support Office (NBSO) in Belo Horizonte. 


For more information about NBSO Belo Horizonte please click this link.


The Living Lab wants to collaborate with Dutch and Brazilian (biobased) companies in order to help in their international ambitions. Living Lab Biobased Brazil can support you in different ways, namely:

  • Do you want to enter the Brazilian market and you need a student who is investigating this, we can look for this student in our consultation with the partners. 
  • Or would you like to tackle a biobased complex issue and you are looking for a knowledge competency? Then it might be interesting to start an applied research project together. Please contact: Margot Verwei:


The Dutch partners are also keen to participate in a ‘Partner for International Business’ call via RVO.  For more information about this call please refer to RVO.


The Living Lab collaborated with the following companies/NGO's: