Why should I do an internship or graduating project abroad (Netherlands or Brazil)?

An internship abroad is a great investment in your future. You will learn important skills for when you need to operate in an international context. Our experience is that everyone who went abroad, comes back with more confident and developed skills. The disadvantage is that it costs more than an internship in your home country, but only in the short term. Studies have proven that students with international experiences have more changes at the labor market after their study.

What is the advantage to arrange an internship or graduation assignment via the Living Lab?

The Living Lab is an internship and graduation agency which does not charge for its activities. The condition is that you are studying at a partner institution. The student is important to us and these students will gain an unforgettable experience. The Living Lab is more than just an internship and graduation assignment mediation. We would like to create “community building” with students in the middle!

Is Brazil safe?

In general Minas Gerais is a safe state comparing to Sao Paulo and Rio. Dutch and Brazilian authorities.

Which kind of internships does the Living Lab offers?

Our team wants to create a custom match for each individual application. Please click here for the current assignments. This match is not guaranteed, but our experiences teaches us that it is almost always possible. The Brazilian university and your home university of applied sciences are leading in their advice.

What are the general admission requirements to do an internship or graduation project in Brazil?

See the general admission requirements for the criteria that you must meet in order to participate in the internship program.

What are the general admission requirements to do an internship or graduation project in the Netherlands?

See the general admission requirements for the criteria that you must meet in order to participate in the internship program.

What are the language requirements?

Even if you do not speak a word of Dutch or Portuguese, we are quite capable to arrange an assignment for you in the Netherlands or in Brazil. We place you at a partner institutation where you can communicate with English. You must be at least speak English at intermediate level. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you follow a Portuguese course when you go to Brazil.

How far in advance should I apply?

The sooner the better. We recommend to sign up three to four months in advance of the placement or graduation period you are interested in. We also accept late registrations based on availability, but students are responsible!

How does the placement process take place?

Please see the student guide for more information.

Are the projects guaranteed?

We give no guarantees. We will discuss your chances per project, so you know where you stand. We will do this via a top 3 projects. During the search for a match you will be informed. We expect this also from the side of the student. If you found an interesting internship or graduation project, please inform us also.

What does it cost?

When you study at one of our partner universities it will cost you nothing. Also an internship placement at a partner university institutions will cost you nothing. If you do not study at the partner universities you can not claim to internships and graduation assignments.

What is the cost of the livelihood?

Living in the Netherlands for foreign students is estimated at around € 500,- - € 800,- per month. This depends on your consumption. Living in Brazil for foreign stud food is estimated at around € 250 - € 400, - per month. This depends on your consumption.

How does the Living Lab arrange housing?

Usually we offer a list of housing agencies, or contacts. Or we try to make an appropriate proposal in cooperation with our partners. It is to you to decide whether you accept the proposal.

How will my student visa be arranged?

Students are responsible for the students request. Dutch students who go to Brazil as part of their internship or graduation contact the Brazilian Consul-General in Amsterdam.

Can I receive a scholarship?

Through continuous changes, it is difficult to give recommendations on placement and scholarship opportunities. Moreover, by country, and course situation, the situation is different.

Are the internships paid?

Internships are often paid in the Netherlands. On average, students receive € 550,- per month. In Brazil, internships are usually unpaid learning experiences. These employers assume that they offer a learning experience and not so much a paid employment relationship. It is also visas technically easier to receive no compensation.

Am I covered (insured) for my internship?

Just ask the knowledge institution to which you are studying whether this is possible through a collective agreement. Yourself you must provide a covering health and liability insurance.

Do I have to pay and arrange my travel by myself?

Yes, you have to book your travel yourself. The costs are for own account (around € 1200 - € 1500).

I do have another question.

Can not find your question on this page? Please contact us.