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My name is Bárbara Luiza Silva Santiago, I have the Biochemistry Major and currently, I am majoring in Chemical Engineering at UFV (Universidade Federal de Viçosa). I have always been delighted by the biobased economy concept and as an engineer, I want to perfect my knowledge in bioprocesses viability, in the economic and technical scope. Being part of Living Lab Program will have the great matter in my engineer career. In the project “Upgrading of Pyrolysis oil by esterification with alcohol” I hope to be useful due to my knowledge of biomolecules, and my experience in research labs. The exchange experience would be extremely important in my personal life. Experiencing another university like “Avans University of Applied Sciences” in another country with a different culture like the Netherlands would be a watershed in my personal growth. I am enjoying to meet new people besides improving my English skills and to have contact with Dutch. I want to get the maximum of knowledge that the expert teachers can offer so I can expand the most of my potential

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