Research PUC Minas : Water treatment and reuse

Despite all the problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic, scientific research cannot stop. At PUC Minas, Prof. Bárbara Ricci and Prof. Laura Hamdan (Department of Chemical Engineering) and Prof. Raquel Sampaio (Department of Civil Engineering), involved in the Living Lab Biobased Brazil Program, reported that the work routine was changed, including now meetings with students through videoconferences. However, the research groups are making use of this moment to submit articles with the data generated in the laboratory before the implementation of social distancing.


The researchers are focused on the treatment of effluents and the generation of reusable water, among others. In particular, there is a highlight for the submission of two recent articles on the remediation of norfloxacin in water streams and modeling of distillation membranes coupled with forward osmosis for reuse of effluents. On the left there is the schematic representation that refers to the membrane distillation cell / forward osmosis mentioned in the last article. 

University: PUC Minas

Author(s): Bárbara Ricci, Laura Hamdan, and Raquel Sampaio


Department(s): Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Civil Engineering

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