Results 2019 & focus 2020

Results 2019  & focus 2020

Each year we evaluate the achievements of the Living Lab Biobased Brazil. We would like to give you a brief overview.


In 2019 we had a total of 38 students that did their internship with the Living Lab. A total of 21 Brazilian students came to The Netherlands whereas 17 students went to Minas Gerais. This also included an internship at UFOP, a new partner of the LLB. The students rated their internship with a 7.9. We are very happy with this score. To increase the possibilities for internships and make it more flexible for professors, we changed the application procedure for students. Hopefully this will result in even more matches for internships next year. Besides students internships, we also organized a biobased battle and a guest lecture for students. To further stimulate cooperation between professors in joint research projects, an overview was made of available subsidy calls for Dutch - Brazilian research projects and for professor exchange. This already resulted in a joint research project between Avans University and UFV on the topic of pyrolysis.



Focus Living Lab Biobased Brazil 2020


For 2020, besides continuation and possible further expansion of student internships and educational projects we formulated six focus points. In relation to student mobility, we want to expand promotion of internship possibilities (via posters, internship coordinators, student ambassadors etc.). We also want to realize more internship possibilities (assignments) for business students. If you are interested in offering such an internship, please contact us. Finally we want to monitor and further improve the new registration procedure for student exchange. In relation to professor mobility we will focus on matching Brazilian and Dutch professors with similar research focus and the realization of at least one joint applied research project. A proposed topic is anaerobic and aerobic composting. Our final focus point of 2020 is to look for additional funding and political support of the Living Lab Biobased Brazil.

Jappe de Best, Coordinator Living Lab Biobased Brazil 

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