Maria Carrupt de Almeida about her experiences at Zuyd UAS

My name is Maria, I'm a Pharmacy student from the Federal University of Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais - Brazil. Right now, I'm doing an internship in the Netherlands, through Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.


I chose an internship in the Netherlands because the opportunities offered here are amazing. The laboratory facilities, extremely good professors, and great technology to accomplish good results called my attention. On top of that, the Netherlands seemed very charming with all the bikes, canals, and windmills. 


My project here focuses its research on finding ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels and substitute them for sunlight, which is extremely interesting and relevant to the problems with climate change we face nowadays. My work is mostly in the lab, doing experiments. I have been here for 4 months, and the knowledge I got from this internship is incredible! 


Since the Visa process is done through the University, I didn't have many problems. Zuyd has a good website providing all the necessary information, and whenever I had a question they would answer me very quickly. Besides the documentation, I bought thermal clothes and a good winter jacket. 


Life here is very amusing, I would tell to the upcoming students: be ready to fall in love! Also, renting a bike is good, because if you have any troubles with it, the company will fix it. The first weeks can be a little overwhelming with the new language, culture, and weather, but in one or two months everything settles down, so don't freak out!



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