Internship experience at UFMG

By Marit Verbeet, topic internship:  The production chain of indigenous species.


In the outskirts of the village of Bonito de Minas live about 9,000 people, while the village itself has about 3,000 inhabitants Although at first glance the area looked arid and dry, there was plenty of life thanks to the size of the area and the presence of streams. Through a contact of one of my colleagues, we had the opportunity to be shown around the community and were introduced to local residents.


During our visit to the town hall, we met several entrepreneurs responsible for purchasing and distribution, as well as a representative of the municipality. They suggested we visit the museum, where we could taste different wines and juices made by the people of the outlying area with the fruits from the region. There were also oils produced and baskets woven, and we could watch the production process and ask questions.


We discovered that these people have limited opportunities to sell their products because they do not have sufficient resources. This is very unfortunate, especially since some of these fruits only grow in this region. Only in northern Minas Gerais can you taste these fruits. Therefore, I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to visit this particular non-touristy place, to talk to the people, albeit in my poor Portuguese, and to taste their products

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