the netherlands

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe. It is bordered to the west by the North Sea, in the south of Belgium and to the east of Germany. The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy. That means that a king/queen is Head of State and that the distribution of power is regulated by the Constitution. The famously open-minded Dutch way of life is just one of the attractions of the Netherlands, which also serves up an abundance of artistic attractions. Dutch society is strongly connected to other cultures, the world and the business community.You can be in another European country in no time. There is plenty to see in Holland, whether you’re strolling through town, making a boat trip on the canals or lakes, laying on the beach or walking in the woods and dunes. Major international music stars regularly play at Dutch stadiums and smaller venues. Musicals and theatre are also very popular and with over 1,000 museums there is a lot to discover. 


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Our partners in the Netherlands:

Avans University of Applied Sciences: Breda, Noord-Brabant (Avans)

HZ University of Applied Sciences: Vlissingen, Zeeland (HZ)

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences: Leeuwarden, Friesland ( NHL), Emmen, Drenthe

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences & Maastricht University Maastricht, Limburg (UM & Zuyd UAS)



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Living Lab Biobased Brazil offers for free a number of biobased internships and biobased graduation internship projects. These projects take place at partner institutions, such as universities and companies.To participate in the Living Lab project Biobased Brazil you must meet several requirements

1.     You are undergraduate (BSc) or (post)graduate (MSc) student at UFMG, UFV, UFSJ, UFOP or PUC Minas;

2.   You have a passport valid at least 6 months beyond the planned date of departure from the Netherlands or Schengen area;

3.     You must be enrolled at UFMG, UFV, UFSJ, UFOP or PUC Minas during your period in the Netherlands;

4.     We have set minimum language requirements for foreign students. Please see here for more information.  

5.  You can finance a stay in the Netherlands. Your scholarship/internship fee varies per project (€0 - €550). You will need to submit a proof of funds during your visa/residence permit process. Here, you find more information about the visa-process.


Here you can find an overview of topics of the different projects in the Netherlands. The document also gives examples of previous internship and graduation projects. 

Topics for internship in the Netherlands
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If you see one or more topics (maximum of 3) that you are interested in, and you want to know if this internship on this topic available for you, send an email to Margot Verwei ( The following information should be included:

  • Your name, study program and home university in Brazil;
  • The topic(s) that you are interested in and the name of the professor(s).
  • Official certificate: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge ESOL or via a letter from a professor.

Next we will contact the professor. Please, do not contact the professor or International Office yourself. We will keep you informed about the outcome.


If the professor(s) have an internship position available, we will organize an online meeting so the professor can get to know you better and you can ask questions about the internship. For this online meeting we need*:

  • Resume (CV) in English;
  • English cover letter explaining why you want to do an internship in The Netherlands on the topic you have chosen;
  • Transcript of grades of the last 2 years.

* If you register for an internship at Avans UAS, you can apply via this link.


After the meeting, the professor decides if he/she will accept you for an internship. If so, you will get information from us about the next steps of the procedure (see below). For these steps we also need a copy of the personal data page of your passport.


Keep in mind the application deadlines. We need to receive your application before 01/04 or 01/11. If you do not meet the given deadlines we cannot offer you any guarantees


  • We will connect you with the International Office of your host institution, which will guide you through the enrollment and visa process.
  • Enrollment to Dutch University (deadline 25/04 or 23/11)
  • The International Office of your host institution must apply for your visa and/or residence permit on your behalf. In order to start this procedure you must have already been formally admitted by the supervisor and:

a. Submit evidence that you have access to sufficient financial funds;

b. Submit a Tuberculosis Declaration and Criminal Record Declaration. You will receive the applicable forms from the International Office.

c. When you only want to do an internship in the Netherlands we have to enroll you for visa reasons in one of the study programs.You can follow classes (when this is agreed by your supervisor), but this is not mandatory.

  • More information about visa and/or residence permit can be find via this link.
  • Start your internship February or September.