Next chapter of Biobased Battle 2016

Avans University of Applied Sciences and UFMG will organize a new chapter of the Biobased Battle. The assignment of the week comes from the coffee industry in Brazil. Dutch and Brazilian students will compete in the battle. Gabriela d'Avila Metzker (CTIT) is one of the initiators.

Gabriela: "Biobased Battle is an international contest in the field of the Biobased Economy and aimed at developing novel concepts for real world challenges of a give business segment. CTIT believes that, by decreasing the distance between University-Market, we would be better qualified to understand the challenges, demands and bottlenecks thus calibrating our expectations and helping sharpen our focus. In a intergrated and collaborative work environment, we expect to enhance the relationship with companies augmenting in number and quality our technology transfer agreements".


The Biobased Battle is made possible by financial support from the Dutch Embassy in Brazil.



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