Research Vânya UFMG: Biofuels research and testing

The team at the Fuel Testing Laboratory (LEC) from UFMG, Brazil, has been working hard on R&D projects to develop innovative processes and catalysts for HVO and Biojet production using different vegetable oils, cashew nut shell oil and others. They also have studied the synthesis of biocrude via liquefaction of sugarcane bagasse and macauba biomass. As well as developing new resins from renewable sources using lignin or residues from the macauba palm. 

During the pandemic, everyone is busy participating in meetings and online training, preparing projects for companies, reading articles, and submitting new ones for publication. Part of the team is working to finish the dissertations and doctoral theses. A few employees returned with reduced working hours, maintaining the distance and sanitary measures to meet the demands of partner companies that develop essential services. LEC might slow down but never stop.


The newest articles are presented below: 

1. The use of gases generated from eucalyptus carbonization as activating agent to produce activated carbon: an integrated process


University: UFMG

Author(s): Vânya Márcia Duarte Pasa


Department(s): Department of Chemistry (ICEX)

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