Biobased Battle on residual streams from the coffee industry.

On 7-10 November 2022, the 10th Biobased Battle was organized by Living Lab Biobased Brazil. Our virtual learning experience happened with students from Avans University of Applied Sciences, who participated in the location in Breda, and students from the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto and the Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei, who were working online from Brazil.


Prof. Saulo Ferreira (UFLA) asked them to find a solution for using residual streams from the coffee industry, such as parts of the husk and wastewater. The biobased battle works according to a pressure cook concept. On the first day, each group of 4 students had to research as many solutions as possible. On the second day, a choice was made based on multi-criteria analysis (MCA) for the best solution based on financial, technical, and environmental aspects. On the last day, the groups pitched their idea to a jury that consisted of Bruno Bastos (Avans), Boutros Sarrouh (UFSJ), Julia Mendes (UFOP), Liliane Catone Soares (UFOP), and myself (Avans). The jury assessed the pitches on several criteria, such as feasibility, innovation, social and environmental impacts, and market potential. 


In the 3rd place, the group presented an idea to recycle the husk to produce eco bags as a replacer for regular supermarket bags (of paper or plastic). In the 2nd place, the group presented an idea to recover compounds in the husk to form a biofilm for protecting fruits and vegetables. Apart from tackling husk waste, this could avoid food waste and decrease the use of plastic for packaging. And in 1st place, the group of Elisa, Letícia, Marina, and Oscar was declared the unanimous winner. They opted for a solution to repurpose the husk as a material for wooden boards (MDP). With this solution, the group presented the possibilities of using less wood for MDP production, apart from decreasing the costs of those panels and increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation.


Congratulations to all the students!



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